DIY Super Bowl Party Snack Stadium. Ahem, that's SNACKADIUM.

I know it's cool when chicks are into cars and football and can kick your ass at poker. But I'm not cool. I like makeup and Taylor Swift and Clueless. So my point here is that I don't don't give a furniture store about football. Or the Super Bowl. But the one glorious light at the end of the tunnel that is football season? THE SUPER BOWL PARTY.

I have no idea who played in last year's super bowl. But I can tell you who played in the year before that's bowl because of the glorious Snack+Stadium=Snackadium I created. In honor of #throwbackthursday AND #flashbackfriday (because in real life who knows when this will go up)... here it is:

And here's how to make your own:

Cover a large area with foil. Place baking sheets in the center. I used one large one and one small one from a set of three. Use foil to partition off the end zones. Start building the walls. I used Twinkies, cucumber sandwiches and toothpicks.

Fill the walls with dippin' stuff: chips, crackers, pretzels, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, celery, etc. I didn't use anything to divide the different snacks--just stuffed 'em in there. 

Fill the field with guacamole and end zones with other types of dips. I used queso on one end and spinach dip on the other. Then I enlisted boys to line the field with pulled apart string cheese lines.

Since I had enlisted knowledgeable man help, I also had them set up little smokies as my football players (complete with little cheese helmets attached with toothpicks) into some semblance of an actual football formation. I'm told the little smokie back in the Patriots' endzone--aka the spinach dip--was Brandon Jacobs. 

The field goals were created by cutting up Slim Jims, assembling them with toothpicks, and shoving the bases into blocks of cheese buried in the dips. 

As for the decor, I attached some giant balloons and paper poms I picked up at the dollar store to the light over the kitchen island. The colorful paper fans were created by going through my old stockpile of magazines, ripping out red, white, and blue pages, folding them accordion style, and taping them together in a circular shape. I tied fishing line to them for hanging. 

Other handmade paper fans were taped to the wall around the less-spectacular food. Since both of the teams' colors were red, white, and blue... pulling together the decor was easy. Had I taken the time to really think this out I would have drug out the 4th of July decor and really gone wild. 

I don't remember what, if any, New England-y food we had... but we definitely had the New York angle covered. 

I'm not sure I'll have the time (or, honestly, the interest) in throwing a Super Bowl party this year...but writing this suddenly has me feeling inspired. Maybe a dessert snackadium this year?