For some reason I always assumed that the second I decided I wanted to start a family that getting pregnant would happen for me immediately. I'd done a fair bit of a research about this and had lots of friends who didn't conceive right away, so I knew it was normal for it take a while. But, all the same, I felt like that wouldn't apply to me. I "knew" I would get immediately pregnant.

But then I didn't. It was 11 disappointing months before my husband and I were finally able to conceive. The silver lining here was that I had plenty of time to plan out the little details... like how we would announce our good news to our families. I spent a good bit of time looking for creative options on Etsy and knew months in advance that I wanted to go the quail egg route. 

We ordered our personalized quail eggs through Little Elephant Crafts on Etsy and couldn't have been happier with them. 

Here is our compilation announcement video I put together using all of the videos we took of our family cracking their eggs as well as the videos our far away family sent us: