I asked Rowan what kind of 3rd birthday party he wanted and he responded without hesitation, “SUPERHERO BALLOON!" So that was that.



These invitations were the MOST fun to make, and unlike any that I’d done before. In keeping with superheroes and balloons, guests were sent invites with a balloon taped the front and instructions (and a confetti warning) on the back to inflate and pop the balloon for more party info. Rolled up inside the balloon was further party deets. I also hand lettered the fronts of the envelopes in a a comic strip type font. That took an entire 25 years and now I have a prosthetic hand.


I wanted a more modern super hero vibe at this event so I focused on a lot of black and white with pops of colors throughout but kept with a pretty strict color palette of red, aqua, yellow, black, and white.

The big decor moment here was the cake and cookie table with the balloon install. This was the first balloon install I ever did and I was so proud of it! Now that I’ve done a ton of these I see all of its shortcomings but not bad for a first attempt fo’ sho’!


I made the ‘skyscrapers’ by lining black cd crates with colored paper. The tassel garland and the paper fans were both from the Ginger Ray Comic Superhero line.


This amazing cake was made based off of a mock-up that I sent to my friend Katie who also helped me out with my pinata cake for Rowan’s Taco TwosDay Party. This thing was so delicious and we way over-ordered so we were eating this from the freezer for months. In other words, we were having the time of our lives. The cake topper was custom made for us by Pink Sail Parties.


The cookies were SO SO cute and were from local cookie artist Sugar Butter Love.

Cupcakes were from Giant’s bakery and were decorated with superhero picks and placed on a skyscraper stand from Oriental Trading.


The main course of the party was tons and tons and tonssss of pizza. I didn’t do a lot here to incorporate it into the theme, other than plop little super hero tags in front of the pizza to label it.

For drinks we had a cooler of sodas, beers, and waters. I slapped some super hero tags on the waters and gave the adults swirly super hero straws for their beers.

Snack-y type food included chips, cookies, veggies, and super hero pops from Oriental Trading. The decorative accents were from the Ginger Ray Comic Superhero line. I made the lollipop stand by covering a box with decorative paper and poking holes in it.


I made this telephone booth from a big box that I painted and put letter stickers on. I also put a little command hook on the door for easy open/close and hung another one inside so kiddos could arrive, grab their superhero capes, masks, and arm bands, hop into the phone booth, and hop back out as little super people. Next to it was a photo area for parents to document their newly super offspring.

In lieu of gifts, we collected snacks and baked goods for some hometown heroes—firefighters! I used the pinata on the collection table for a little somethin-somethin. We also had a coloring station with firefighter superhero pages I designed and printed that we added to the firefighter delivery, signed by guests.

For some added fun I filled a big jar with balloons and had guests guess the number inside and also had some sensory bags. Kiddos used their superpowers to figure out what was inside each bag without opening it and looking. We also had a ball pit (a holdover from Rowan’s 1st birthday gnome party), because why not?

Favors were in these cute Ginger Ray boxes but honestly I cannot remember what the heck I put in these—just random super hero stuff? There were also twisty straws and those little scratchy things where you scratch off the black and there’s rainbow paper beneath it. The lightning bolt banner on the wall behind them was from Stripes to Sparkle on Etsy.

This party was nearly a year ago now and we are currently gearing up for Rowan’s 4th birthday party. He’s chosen a Spiderman theme which makes my party planner heart ache for the sort of repetitive theme but also makes my thrifty side jump for joy at all of the decor I can re-purpose.